We can Transform your existing Bathtub or Ceramic Tile . . .
From this:
To this:
. . . All in less than one day!
Reglazed surfaces can be used again in just 24 hours!
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Reglazing Samples
Bathtub Reglazing
Is the lowest Cost option.

Bathtub Refinishing
Restores a Like New Shine.

Bathtub Resurfacing
Change the color of your Tub.

Reglazing | Refinishing
Adds an updated appeal.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing
Seals grout, prevents mildew.
Bathtub Reglazing
We can quote most Bathtub Reglazing projects by phone.
Call today!  636-946-0701
ST. Louis  Bathtub Refinishing | Reglazing | Tub Liners | Resurfacing | Remodeling
Bathtub Types we can Refinish, Reglaze, and Resurface.
Enameled Tubs | Porcelain Tubs | Fiberglass Tubs | Acrylic Tubs | Cultured Marble Tubs.
We also do Expert Chip and Crack Repairs on all Bathtub Types.
We use only the Best Bathtub Refinishing products.
Fully Insured.   Best Warranty Available!
Bathtub Refinishing is Done with 20yrs Experience!
Custom Tub Co. is your 1 stop tub shop.
Joe Knows... Bathtub and Tile Refinishing
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